Different Worlds

Different Worlds by Chris Green I have no recollection of how I arrived at this remote place or where it might be. I have lost my phone, so I have no means of checking my location. There appear to be no roads leading to or from here in any direction. I have trudged several miles … Continue reading Different Worlds

Behind the Times

Behind the Times by Chris Green It is a hundred miles to the holiday cottage in Myst, a small hamlet in the west country. Because of some last-minute things I have to attend to at the studio, I am late setting out. And for the last stretch of the journey, the satnav takes me on … Continue reading Behind the Times


Holiday by Chris Green Lastminuteholidays.com did not actually specify that Sea View had a view of the sea, but there again, it did not say that it didn’t. The default position, you would have thought, was that it did, especially as there were pictures of the waves rolling in on a clear sandy beach in … Continue reading Holiday