Stars by Chris Green

It is early September. Chet notices that although there is a clear night sky there is no moon. The stars are all out, but they have no lunar companion. At first he thinks this must be to do with the Moon’s phases, so he keeps an eye on the sky over the next week. Still there is no moon. He gets up in the middle of the night to make sure the moon has not risen late. He looks out of every window in the house and even goes down to the bottom of the garden. He cannot remember when he last saw the moon. He does not see it over the summer months as he goes to bed early because of his job. He starts at 6am. What has happened to the tides?, he wonders. Why hasn’t it been on the news? He phones his friend, Raul. Raul is sure to know. Raul is a painter and he often paints at night.

‘If I don’t have red paint, I use blue,’ says Raul.

‘What?’ says Chet.

‘You still have the stars,’ says Raul.

© Chris Green 2014: All rights reserved



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