Dog Day Discs

  Dog Day Discs by Chris Green I don’t know whose idea it was to come up with the ill-fated Dog Day Discs. I could have predicted the idea of someone picking their selection of the worst eight tunes of all time was never destined to be a winner. But G.O.O.D Radio went ahead with … Continue reading Dog Day Discs



Mojo by Chris Green 1: Dan Lomax has lost his mojo. He woke up one morning, and it was gone. A mojo, of course, is a magical or supernatural quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy, sometimes represented by a good luck charm. But to see it in … Continue reading Mojo

The Continuing Story of Wet Blanket Ron – Part Three

The Continuing Story Of Wet Blanket Ron – Part Three by Chris Green In his nineteen years on the force Sergeant Crooner has happened upon many strange scenarios. If he has learnt one thing from police work though, it is when something seems amiss there is usually a rational explanation. Cause and effect, action and … Continue reading The Continuing Story of Wet Blanket Ron – Part Three