The Importance of Being Nearest

  The Importance Of Being Nearest by Chris Green ‘Milk,’ I say. ‘Malted Milk.’ ‘In the cold compartment behind you,’ says Karim. ‘My mate Marmite,’ ‘On the shelf over there,’ ‘Maybe Mimi might make more marmalade,’ ‘What?’ says Karim. ‘Come on! I’ve got customers waiting.’ ‘Maureen may marry Marvin Monday morning,’ I say. ‘Mild mann … Continue reading The Importance of Being Nearest

The Start of Something Big

The Start of Something Big by Chris Green ‘There was no before the beginning of the universe, because once upon a time, there was no time. Big bang or no big bang, it makes no difference. Even if God created everything, the argument still stands. There, that solves that one, Vincent. That will save years … Continue reading The Start of Something Big