Nutmeg and Steven

Nutmeg and Steven by Chris Green Before he accidentally became famous as a rock and roll singer, Buddy Holly was a gentle soul who pressed wildflowers and practised yoga. He was the shy and retiring sort. Everyone said so. Not a hateful bone in his body, they said. But Buddy killed my bunny. Not intentionally, … Continue reading Nutmeg and Steven


The Importance of Being Nearest

  The Importance Of Being Nearest by Chris Green ‘Milk,’ I say. ‘Malted Milk.’ ‘In the cold compartment behind you,’ says Karim. ‘My mate Marmite,’ ‘On the shelf over there,’ ‘Maybe Mimi might make more marmalade,’ ‘What?’ says Karim. ‘Come on! I’ve got customers waiting.’ ‘Maureen may marry Marvin Monday morning,’ I say. ‘Mild mann … Continue reading The Importance of Being Nearest