Recent comments about my stories on include:

3:13 a.m. You’ve done it again, Chris, and created a new favorite. Loved the idea of a shared ‘Ace of Spades’ disturbance! An excellent, enjoyable read!

Cor Anglais:Chris, you have written on a topic that quite frankly has me scared. Born in England, resident in Ireland — where after Brexit? I don’t think anyone has a clue what’s happening, especially those in power. Excellent job in describing the nightmare!

Heidi:  I can see it would be rather unnerving to be sitting behind your own car, while you are in your own car. And Heidi, I never guessed.

Salty Dog: I don’t think I would have the courage to write a story like this, but I really enjoyed it. Just a conversation between strangers on a bench by the harbour. Who but Chris Green could have made an entertaining story out of that? It gave me more that a few smiles, and ended with a lingering air of mystery.

Earworm: I am not usually a short story fan but the pace and the descriptions kept my interest – really good

It Doesn’t Matter Anymore: Ha, making a story out of a real mess with total skill. Nice one, Chris. I was born in the UK, most of my family are in the UK, I’ve been in Ireland for more than twenty-five years….,I find it all mind-boggling to say the least.

Moondog: From the world of art (music,painting,literature,photography) to the latest in technology, all of which are woven into brilliant stories, you never cease to amaze! Another great one ! Well done!

Another Time and Place: Wow, Chris. Now I know what is meant by “free association”. I’ve had nights like this one, pondering the universe and my role in it. I usually fold my tent around four in the morning and give in to sleep. It seems to help.

Three Sides to Every Story: An excellent piece of post-modern absurdist prose – this one is particularly Kafkaesque {reminds me of “The Trial”). I loved the subtle way in which further troubles are indicated in the last section of the story – particularly since the previous one gets quite scary. And, of course, the meta-references are as delightful as ever!

Snake in the Glass: Another time-bending tale. Loved it. It always intrigues me when an author inserts himself  into a story. You do it with such aplomb.

Ed; A great idea, Chris. A unicorn that likes listening to Nick Cave. Quite a change to a lot of your stories. Fantasy mixed with speculative fiction.

Blackjack: Another in your long line of great stories. Love the word association.

Hunky Dory: Weird but eminently enjoyable. I like this kind of story.

Darkness on the Edge of Town: Oh wow… This is Franz Kafka coming back to life and directing the next season of… well, “Twin Peaks”. As always, the interwoven reality and fiction create a strong sense of the absurd, but this time on a more serious and, so to say, humane note. This is one of my personal favorites, Chris. Great work!

Unreliable Narrator: Clever, funny, and delightfully bizarre! The anticlimactic ending alone is like a humorous key to the whole story. But, while I was reading it I forgot your warning about the unreliable narrator

DreamCatcher: Very clever and perfectly composed, Chris! I read it three times through to make sure I haven’t missed anything – and yet, for some reason, I still feel I’ve missed something crucial. The idea is original and captivating, the execution flawless; and, as always, the attention to details is like the icing on the cake. Well done, sir!

Be Here Now: I loved the references to either stuffing your hosue with useless knick-nacks or divesting oneself of everything until you have only stark (blue) walls left. Wonderful tale, Chris.

Give Chance a Piece: What a brilliant piece of postmodern fiction (or non-fiction?) it is, Chris. It seems you are enjoying being a character, first in my story “Existence”, now in your own story, as professed by your own characters, who proclaim themselves only characters, even though… Ok, your work is like MC Esther’s spiraling staircases, enough to create a serious cerebral-existentional confusion 🙂 As always in your stories, I particularly love the intellectually challenging absurdism, the humor of Bernie McBurnie’s philosophical musings, IKEAs and ideas… Excellent! :))

Twinned with Area 51: If it feels like Kurt Vonnegut in the beginning, like Franz Kafka in the middle, and like Garcia Marquez in the end, then it must be Chris Green 🙂 As always, uniquely enjoyable – from the general almost poetic weirdness down to jazz references and Sergeant Sargent. I almost felt it was too short – really wanted to know more about that bizarre place and the aliens, but… you are like a magician who doesn’t reveal his tricks 🙂

Marzipan Imbroglio – An excellent and thought provoking story, Chris, with fiction mixed up with what might or might not be true.

The Continuing Story of Wet Blanket Ron – Part 5 – Chris, this is so clever, post-modern in the good sense of the word, and delightfully witty – I had a permanent smile on my face reading this. The author’s asides and the subtle connection between layers of fiction and of reality (maybe?) give this story a unique edge. Frankly, I haven’t seen such interesting treatment of the “fourth wall” since the days of old Jorge Luis Borges 🙂

Banana Petroleum: Chris, this is sheer perfection and brilliance. From the uniquely bizarre, eye-catching title + beginning, to the plot twists at the end, from the premise to the minute detail, your unique writing style, the clever, intricate absurdity, the cultural references, to the humor (leotard provincialism? Yes, please! :)) – everything works, on every level. This is one of your very best stories, Chris – and that is saying a lot 🙂

The Old Man and the Sea: Your story was great. I loved the idea and the mysterious ending. Also I could vividly imagine the man and the sea. Great atmosphere. It put me in a melancholy mood. I like when stories can do that- actually, change my mood and I get emotionally/psychologically caught up in the story. Only certain writers are able to have that affect on readers and I think you’re one of them.

The End: I’ve been expecting this, Chris… Expecting that, at some point, all those ominous signs and blood-chilling absurd in your other stories will transform into something as sinister as this. The greatest thing about this story is that it’s scary in a very particular, puzzling way, same way as Kafka’s prose is scary – it’s very unsettling. One of my favorites, alongside “No Windows” 🙂

This is storytelling at its best. It begins with events that are unusual but credible, and then moves gradually into fantasy in a way that is almost unnoticed until you are right in it. The abrupt ending is effective. It came to me as a surprise.

Surf’s Up: An interesting take on the movie industry, Chris. Not only did you skewer them, but you even brought up the old Payola scandal, which I remember well. If I remember correctly, the characters the girls of Baywatch played would certainly be befuddled if they were transported to the beach at Cornwall. Great work.

All about Jazz: Aaahhh, more bizarre, tasty, intellectually challenging stories courtesy of Chris Green! You’ve made my day, Chris – I’m eating a Shanghai pork chop in one of the best local joints, and its bone almost stuck in my throat as I chuckled and snorted at Guy Bloke’s Balalaika Improvisation thing. It’s “Waiting for Godot” meets a New York bohemian story meets a bizarre mockumentary. Completely and utterly delightful!

The Sadness of the Post-Truth Pianist: Brilliant! Politics and classical music are subtly and seamlessly interwoven into a dystopian “mockumentary”. It’s a pleasure to be reading you again, Chris.

Hat Band: Your writing leaves the reader in wonderment of your talent. This is amazingly put together. And it all works out. Your knowledge of the jazz scene is incredible. You put it to use often, and it always works!!!!

Night Train: I am convinced that a night train comes to us all at one time or another. Mixing that ethereal pulse-pounding rumble of wheels on steel with the birth of the Blues is a masterful stroke. And of course weaving in uniform color as well as skin was what set the story off. Well Done!

Weatherman: This is classic literature. Once again you do the magic that you always seem to be best at, drawing the reader into your web of intrigue…..

White Stuff – Excellent  work, Chris! So much of what happens in life is pure coincidence. Being at the right place at the right time (or wrong place….) Your story technique always leaves me in awe of your writing. GREAT JOB!

Weatherman: This is classic literature. Once again you do the magic that you always seem to be best at, drawing the reader into your web of intrigue…..

Extra: Haha, that last part is funny but in a slightly morbid, frightening way (that it’s possible they are still filming the movie and it’s just another scene but the main character doesn’t know what’s going on). Great way to end it. You always have something up your sleeve, Chris. This story is fantastic. I love how you let the reader decide what happened or let them imagine what will happen even after the story has ended.

South: What a fascinating piece of ‘chilling’ fiction, Chris! I don’t know how you do it. The reader clings to every word that you write, for there might be that one ‘special word’ that you use, that literally ‘jolts’!!! You are a brilliant author and I am in much admiration of your work!

Chekhov’s Gun: That was brilliant. You are so great at twists. Funny a good chunk of it is true. The best stories come from reality, more times than not, reality is stranger than fiction- as they say.

Time and Tide Wait for Norman: Chris.. you constantly amaze me!! This is so good. The characters you come up with! The plot that ultimately ties them together.Your vocabulary! I do admire your writing so !!!!! Excellent!

(Not) Being Dmitri Shostakovich: FABULOUS, Chris!!! I marvel at the way you put a story together.The innocence of an English teacher tightening up a student’s papers, leading to a 3AM knock on the door and a nightmare of political intrigue. Brilliant!!!

Rainy Day Women – The song, from my era, played along in my head off and on as I read. As usual all the great little twists and mystery. Another good read.

The Rhubarb of Doubt –While I read this I had all those film noire movies in the back of my mind as well as a the detective books printed in the 30’s and 40’s. Wonderful tale, Chris, with a great surprise at the end.

NIGHT – Another fantastic story, Chris. What a great alternative way to see psychotherapy!

Call Wyatt On The Western Front: This is soooo good Chris. Such unique originality. Your story takes the reader to outer spheres, historically and back again, with that chilling sense of the unknown. Amazing craftsmanship, as always!

The Cats of Ronda: Your writing always amazes me, Chris. The trips you take your readers on!! Cats, seafood, good happenings followed by disaster, depending on the color of the cat that was nourished…. what ideas come from that creative mind of yours. The research that you obviously do, is nothing short of astounding.What a story teller you are! BRAVO!!!!

BAADER-MEINHOF PHENOMENON: This is a superb story, Chris. I love the style you have of speaking directly to the reader, and it makes a fantastical tale like this seem completely plausible – and in my opinion, very unnerving. If u see any mention of Johnny Bisco now, I’m gonna freak out! Really enjoyable story, expertly written. Great show!

ANDROMEDA DREAMING: This one I really enjoyed, Chris. Trying to get away from problems by fixating on something else rarely seems to work — for me, anyway. Loved the examples of the ‘negative’ influences creeping in. Overall I’d say, Brilliant!

This is great stuff, Chris. Every song title evokes a memory of my early life. As always, the writing is A-1, with a talent that is very special.

LITTLE BY LITTLE: Brilliant story, Chris. The power of the internet to remove your entire existence. Loved it.

GHOST:So very brilliant, Chris ! Yes, sometimes it takes a lifetime to find out who we really are, and what we really need to fulfill our sometimes disguised dreams. This is really good Chris, and it speaks for a great many of us!!

Little by Little:Great story Chris! Like something by Phillip K Dick. The search for our ancestory online gives it a very topical flavour and I loved the fake celebrity genelogy on the TV show. The disappearance of Lara idea is very imaginative and creepy. A very imaginative piece.

Oleander Drive: Such an enjoyable story, I like how they always make me think outside the box. I can always tell that you really get into your stories and I don’t know how you do it but each time you write from such unique perspectives- you make me see reality, situations and people in a different light. Your writing skills are amazing. I love how you mix reality with fiction, you make fantasy seem so real, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the two, which has a great effect. awesome job

QUINCE: Once again, im pleasantly surprised and intrigued by your details and oddball ideas. Another great write. You have such a distinct unique style yet in each story it always shines through in a different way

DARK: Another great one, Chris! The intricacies , the winding and weaving of DARK is so rich, with your superb vocabulary. (A Chris Green specialty.)
The ending caught me completely by surprise. Loved it!

FAMOUS FOR FIFTEEN MINUTES: So smart, so witty, and so exquisitely detailed. This is one of those stories I can read several times and discover another clever detail I’ve missed before. Your sense of the bizarre is impeccable, and your stories never cease to challenge our intellect.
This is fabulous, Chris ! Walking readers through a personal ‘time halt’ while everyone else perceives things as normal, all because Andy Warhol’s campaign rhetoric included “If you like your life…………” And all the topics you hit upon!!!!Unbelievable writing! What more can I say!! Bravo!!!!

BLOWING IN THE WIND:I love your writing voice more and more each time I read your stories. I never noticed how much I liked it until now, and I loved how this one flowed. This story was so interesting and there’s so many little things I liked about it: the name doobie ha, you mentioning The Bloody Rook, the name Nattie (I think it fit her character well), the island, and the odd atmosphere kept my attention the whole time and you did a great job setting the scene and everything, this would be a perfect short film. Such an enjoyable read.

MISSING: Brilliant story, Chris. The hauntingly strange beginning, the plot that just keeps twisting and swirling as the mystery becomes increasingly bizarre, the touches of absurd in dialogue and many details – everything works here. I think this is my second favorite story of yours, probably with only the outstanding “No Windows” stealing the crown 🙂

Barber, Ball and Bilk: This is definitely one of my favourite stories of yours Chris. For me, it was just about the right length, although I have also found your longer stories entertaining. You write so well have have some delightfully crazy stories to tell.

ABRACADABRA: Having the three essential characters combine thoughts and actions in different time zones and settings is brilliant. The names that you give the various ‘establishments’ are hilarious and so fitting.

HOMBURG:When I say “a classic Chris Green story” it means there is some sort of a clever paranormal concept you like to toy around with; stellar writing pretending to be nonchalant yet containing a wealth of references to everything from to (sadly, in the case of Janacek!) obscure classical composers; and an overbearing sense of extreme weirdness that creates a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. So yup… classic Chris Green
Wow Chris, I can no longer say this is my new favorite because they are all becoming “my favorite” each of your stories are that good. I love the style of this one,very peculiar and unique. while I was reading I got this indescribable feeling- the one I get when I read a really good book. you have a knack for creating stories that deeply grip your reader and in a way you only write a certain amount and leave this mystery that lets the reader’s imagination put together the pieces by themselves- thats what really makes a creative story

Across The Universe:
An intriguing and imaginative story Chris, with an unexpected ending

JAZZ: Brilliant writing as always, Chris. Your style is instantly recognizable. You have developed your own way of writing and your personality is so strong it comes through no matter what you write about. As a fully functional jazz musician (20+ gigs per month nowadays!), I’m particularly delighted to read this exquisitely smart and wonderfully deranged story.

Quicksand:  OMG, Chris! You have created a masterpiece! Each episode so beautifully mapped out. Each, a wonderful story in itself ! Your ending, left me with the shakes, as a good many of us remember where we were, and what we were doing at that time. Amazing writing!!!!!!!

DNA: God, Chris. You flick through time like a pro. I’m voting for you as the next Doctor Who (and I am a fan). Nothing would faze you. I loved this. Dee is kind of like a nagging automated wife that he can’t live without. It’s kind of sinister quite how much she runs his life and we all know with gadgets being what they are that this scenario is not that farfetched or that far off.
Sometimes I wonder if you’re a muso, physicist, geneticist, astronaut? You seem to have such a wealth of interesting tidbits at your fingertips, half of which I have no hope of understanding, but it’s not dry or boring. You just keep pulling that rabbit out of the hat, time and time again. It’s always a joy to read your work.

The Continuing Story of Wet Blanket Ron – Part Three: A well packaged story that left me feeling full, yet empty in a way !  Great read Chris. There’s some great characters and lines in this. An enjoyable read indeed.

The Importance of Being Nearest: Your sense of humour is outstanding and I must admit that crocheting kestrels is tough work. You continue to surprise with your clever perceptions of how the mind works. You do realise that you’ve pretty much invented a totally habitable township with weird and wonderful people with dozens of quirks. Please (double please) put these into an anthology.

It Takes a Train to Cry  This is a terrific story. The symbolisim of the train journey signifing memory and reminisence is wonderfully evocative (I always experience similiar emotions on train journeys and often dream of surreal train journeys) I was completely drawn in from the beginning. Intriguied but not deserate to know the solution, just enjoying the ride. Great work. Well done!

NO WINDOWS: Excellent story, Chris! I loved it how it starts in a seemingly innocent way, with Windows that won’t load – however, even the first computer messages is ominous and slightly creepy… The gradual building up of apocalyptic horror is ingenious and stage in a very original way, with plenty of detail, avoiding the usual cliches of the genre. I love the somewhat humorous tone and the constant references to classical music – being a musician myself, I highly appreciate the wealth of detail that went into those descriptions. Brilliant story!

THE BLACK BOOK: Brilliantly written, as usual! Curiosity and mystery irresistibly attract us to the outcome, providing us enjoyment all through our reading. And what a style!

Chris, this is an outstanding piece! So flawlessly organized and well written. A truly captivating tale. I love how through it all, the moral of the story does not alter- don’t touch the black book. In my opinion, a perfect lead for your next collection. Your ability exceeds all expectations. Well done.

Call Me Lottie!
While reading ‘Call Me Lottie’, Chris, the expression ‘Beautifully woven tale’ comes to mind. And what a tale it is.

TIME: I have to tell you, this is writing that truly and absolutely amazes me. Such an incredibly sophisticated and talented piece. A complicated story line made easy to follow. Excellent work, loved it

NOIR:I wish I’d thought this one up Chris. This edgy thriller held no disappointments other than I always hate it when a good read ends. Bianca’s page turning thriller was a great prop as was the noir mood you created with the dark stranger. Ending took me by surprise which is always a good thing. Great read Chris

IDEAS: This is truly fantastic, Chris. The tale flows so smoothly and transitions perfectly, holding the reader’s complete attention through the whole piece without ever revealing enough information for anyone to even take a stabbing guess as to the outcome. Very impressive writing!

The Life and Times of Chadwick Dial: I found this extremely well detailed and well written. After reading this, I wondered how did this guy come up with this? The language was very colorful, and I could tell that it was the work of a practiced writer. It was almost as if you were recounting a character you had encountered in real life. Great stuff.

PHILANDERER:Nice job, I really enjoyed this. I like how every character comes across as very real with the use of just a few sentences and brief backstory about them. I found the entire story very enjoyable from beginning to end.

Lady and Red:I like a good supernatural mystery such as this, Chris. The theory of going back in time to change history has been explored by many writers, including Stephen King and Michael Crichton, but you have given the idea a new twist which makes it your own.

IN DREAMS: The one thing I can say about your stories is the descriptions are so clear you can imagine exactly where and what is happening. That is a hard knack to pick up.Your bizarrism (probably not a word) never fails to intrigue me.

MURDER MYSTERY – a murder mystery It was amazing, it really was. I haven’t read such a good mystery in a long time. You really know how to write suspense. The dialogues are pure perfection.

The 16:06: I enjoyed this story, Chris. Your writing style makes it so easy to read, and I like the bits of humour that you tossed in here and there. The plot is so intriguing that I had to keep reading to see where the story would go. The final paragraph ended the story quite nicely.

Harmonica Drive: You are observant of the people around you and manage to inject humour quite nicely into some really quite sinister and mysterious situations.

Just The Way It Is: Mind blowing Chris. I have to say this is one of my favorites to date.

Strike While The Iron Is Hot: Very good tale, Chris. I did not see this ending the way that it did. Nice twist. I like it.

South By Southwest: How do you come up with such interesting names for cafes and bars? That takes talent. Alf Resco, indeed! ~~ And, finally, there are a lot of great cliches here. Loved the whole thing.

ZELKOVA SERRATA: A delightfully spooky story, Chris.

BALACLAVA: Good story Chris. I made several guesses as to how it would end and was wrong on all counts.

The Way We Were: This is a superb instance of a transference tale, Chris. I love the way you start out, detailing all the anomalies, picking up the pace as the story progresses. Then comes the realization that the protagonist is becoming another person who is bent of ‘gathering up’ the MC. Brilliant!
This story had my attention right from the start. I love a good mystery, especially one with a supernatural flavour. This must surely be one of your best, Chris.

Isn’t It Good, Norwegian Wood: Fascinating story Chris, loved all the characters and their descriptions. It only seems like yesterday. A spliffing read !

Every Picture Tells A Story: A very interesting tour through history, Chris.

A Stone’s Throw From The Beach:A great story as always. I have yet to read a Chris Green tale that I did not thoroughly enjoy. Very talented writing.

STATION: This was awesome – real Twilight Zone.

FILM: Good, tight writing, Chris. I got caught up in the story and didn’t spot the clues you gave. When the end hit, I was unprepared. This reminds me of Jim Carrey’s “The Truman Show”, where his life turns out to be being viewed publicly as if on a sound stage. But, as usual, your story has a much more sinister edge to it. I like that.

Tara’s World: What a switch-up. Nicely done. Caught my attention, kept it, then knocked me back on my …. well, you know – at the ending. I am impressed.

Quad Bike: I love seeing that you post a new story. Your stories feel like little bedtime stories, almost tales that you tell friends around a campfire. It’s quite magical, the way you write. Lovely job, Chris!

Jimi Hendrix’s Kite: I like this story Chris. A fascinating tale with a nice twist at the end. The story is enhanced by the way in which you make everything seem so real.

The Real History Of The Internet: Wonderfully wicked, Chris. I loved it.

Bob Marley’s Surfboard: This was a true masterpiece, Chris. I laughed all the way through it.

You Never Can Tell: I liked this a lot. The ending was great, and the ‘twist’ was awesome.

Wheres Your Car, Debbie? : Genius as usual Chris.

Harmonica: Great story and damned entertaining. Regardless of length your stories are always top notch.

Walking The Dog: You always think outside of the box- and over the rainbow, across the yellow brick road and the places in between! Everything about your work always screams creative. I don’t know how you do it but once again you’ve made an interesting and thought provoking piece. This one had simplicity to it that I liked yet there’s a deeper meaning that the reader can catch on too. And in my opinion this could be thought about a few different ways. Great work.

The Continuing Story of Wet Blanket Ron – Part Two: Man, that’s a barn burner of a story. It isn’t often that one finds a tale that captivating on Booksie.

GUN:  Ah, a story that ends on a bigger mystery than the one in the main body. Very clever writing, Chris. It kept me hanging on every word.
Another Chris Green classic. Great story.

The Devil’s Interval: This is good stuff! I don’t know a whole lot about music, just the stuff you learn from playing violin for a few years, but you seemed to know what you were talking about and phrased it so that it was clear to the unaware what you meant. Your writing style is also quite wonderful. I love this!

Tilting At Windows: Absolutely wonderful story, Chris. Starts sane and works down to really nuts.
This is the best story I’ve read, on or off Booksie, in a long time.
It’s just insane how creative you are. No one can deny your gift…it just hits me hard every time, it’s amazing. I remember you saying you like to pick unique view points and this definitely matches that.I liked how the whole atmosphere changed as the story went on. I also liked how the weirdness was just accepted and then the story took a really creative turn; it was like I was reading an adventure- nice touch at the end too. Your style is perfect, another satisfying piece 🙂

Phone Bill: It’s always refreshing to read something of yours. Great job and as usual, intriguing. To me there is double meaning behind it. Can be taken in a light way but also in a deeper way.

The Other Half Live: That was cool Chris.. Most impressive little flip.

The Cat’s Tale: Great story. I enjoyed it all the way through, thinking in the back of my mind, “This isn’t going to end well.”

Now You See It, Now You Don’t:  Your stories are like all the hidden stories inside all of us readers, making it so easy to connect and understand them, almost like they were our ideas in the first place. I loved this one- it gives a lot to think about and I think about this stuff all the time. It’s scary to think everything is an illusion or a dream yet at the same time it’s not scary, because it opens up endless possibilities and wonders. The fantasy you mix in with the reality is more then imagination- it makes your stories real. Like they are happening at this moment. I don’t know how else to describe it or if it even made sense how I described it but this was really great; has a very imaginative vibe.

The Startling Discovery Of Phlogiston: Good one, Chris. technological regression at its best.

Concerto: A wonderful tale, Chris. How you manage to weave history, storytelling, music, and adventure into one piece of work is magical.

Chinese Boxes: I’m beginning to suspect you lead multiple lives Chris. Spies, doctors, sax players, motoring enthusiasts … Your mind is a deep and twisted maze and your eye for detail is extraordinary. Every time you throw us for a loop. I look forward to your updates.
Such a neat story-It’s not only the words that get me but the way the words make me feel as I’m reading them; letting me explore an imaginative world of my own while reading at the same time. Also, I liked the title and how it was mentioned at the end. Your imagination is awesome, a lot of people can get ideas but to be able to put them down in the way you do is a gift. As I was reading it actually inspired me to write a story and as always got me thinking. Great job!

Footsteps: Whoa! This is quite a tale, Chris. The suspense built up along with paranoia until it overflowed into full-blown psychosis. Well Done!

Retriever: That was excellent Chris. You work the clues in effortlessly every time. I look forward to receiving the emails saying you’ve posted something more.
I was seriously blown away by the ending- it was sooo good! The whole thing was already good enough but it added to it. This was amazing, a new favorite for me. I love the set up and the way you reveal details in the best kind of way- never too little, never too much at once. Also, the little details you add- even the simple things like the movies and music the character likes add to the whole feeling of the story. You even add things that I think most writers wouldn’t think of adding, which adds to the realistic feeling your stories have even if they are very unrealistic (which I like anyways). I like how you wrote calmly and you didn’t make it into a big drama or make it seem like such a big deal that all of the strange things were happening- well you did but in a different way- through the readers thoughts, which were very descriptive. I like how you add more thoughts than dialogue- and the dialogue you do add just goes with the flow. It makes me feel like I’m actually the main character. Man, the main character must have been confused throughout this one- poor guy.

A Sword In Every Pond: Perfect, just a perfect way to end and certainly unexpected.  I know that when I read your things I’m never going to be disappointed.

Sticks: This is another brilliant one. Modern, dream like, with many realities stitched together layer by layer and very easy to read too.  Every story you write comes with an interesting idea that one could write a novel on.
I liked how at the beginning you revealed everything slowly starting with T.V, then the smartphone and so on- it really gripped me. You have so many details in your stories that it makes them feel so real and I am sent to wherever your setting is almost instantly. Great write!

I made a note I found just now to reread this story. First time was for fun , this one for some education. There are so many things about this story – especially a sense of organization that I like while reading it. Can’t explain it or copy it…but someday I may get closer. Excellent Chris.

The Continuing Story Of Wet Blanket Ron: Seriously wish you’d make it a full length novel. Excellent excellent writing.
Ron Smoot – Dr. Bone will see you now. What a great surreal office. Poor Ron saw nothing of too much concern at the office. Personally I would have left with the intro of the tiger. Never had much luck with big cats. I was told they are safe as long as they get their raw meat on time. Being raw myself that worried me. GREAT story Chris.

April’s Shower: Hats off Chris. Creepy and cool. Hope this one gets a ton of reads. This is on my list of all time favorite shorts.

This one was a total treat to read, Chris. If anyone’s nightmares could be put to sound and action, this would be it.

I was hooked from the start. Love the twist at the end. This is one of my favorites by you, it’s so twisted and creative! I seriously have never read anything like this- it was awesome. I could imagine this perfectly in my head and it was the best kind of strange and the setting was dark and mysterious. You had a way of painting the images in my mind, and it all fits together. Also, loved how you based a story of 70’s music. Very good job! 🙂

Trust: Chris you never fail to amaze me. Its a really nice one. Loved it

The Early Worm Catches The Bird: It seems like this could be made into a movie or something- I could imagine all of the parts and felt on the edge of my seat the entire time.

A Blacker Shade Of Blue: This is a great story, up there with your best.

Stalking Glen: I love this story it has typical British humour in the face of adversity. The ending is a classic.
I thoroughly enjoyed that! Your writing just never disappoints.

Bouganvillea Heights: I was gripped from the start (as I usually am) though for some reason this was even more engrossing.
No matter what it is you seem to have a good grasp of your subject material.

Out Of Time: My God, Chris. I would pay my hard earned money to read stuff this good. It is creative, majestic. It is professional. The only compliment I can pay is this: The more I read your work, the more I understand and learn about the art of writing! Thank you for the enjoyment.
Oh how good. It was so gripping, I was reading this and I had intended on just reading a little bit and going to bed but suddenly I had read the whole thing. I loved the way you described the characters, like the person being called Iggy Pop the whole time, it really adds to their character. Another very nice piece, I doubt I’ll ever be disappointed by your writing.

Benito and Tiffany: Your characters always seem so believable and have so much depth. They always get me thinking at least. As always you details fit right into place and are said at the right times that it really helps me understand the story. While I was reading I kept thinking about different possibilities for the ending but I really didn’t know and didn’t expect how you ended it but it was wonderful! I was satisfied with it once I got the whole picture.

No Windows: Kept me interested from the first sentence, it’s really an interesting story. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to read more!
I could spend the entire day reading your stories, over and over, not because the concepts and plots are ingenious, but because the writing is so simple, so easy to follow, as you take the reader on this journey, never telling, but painting the path. Such simplicity comes with great skill, great knowledge, and real belief in ones own talent. What a pleasure. Thanks for making my coffee go cold!

Chocolate Is At Six: I feel this story masterfully displays the craft of short story writing.

Sven of Halmstad: I have trouble coming up with a list of superlatives to cover this masterful piece of writing.

On The Origin Of  On The Origin Of Species: Great title, great story. One of your best

Metaphorical Compass: Oh my! That was amazing! Amazing! Such a unique approach, as well!

Bob Marley’s Surfboard: Such unique writing topics you have. Your such a great writer that you not only gets me with your words but gets me with the emotion, and description of your writing as a whole. You have brilliant lines it seems like you write them almost flawlessly sometimes, I really enjoy everyone of your works and they definitely make me think differently about certain subjects or allow me to think deeper then I normally do. Excellent work!

You Will Not Get This Experience At Home: Outstanding! One of my favorite short stories I have ever read.

Door Swings Both Ways: Completely original and utterly compelling, gripped me the whole way through.

With or Without and ‘e’:  This is another brilliant one Chris. Very lucid and points to the absurd outcomes of our lives

Cotswold Life: I think the style is enigmatic and relaxed, but intelligent. The story was always fresh and kept the plot without wandering, keeping the surprises till the end which is rare for this kind of story, extremely well done.

Chocolate is at Six: This is one of the best stories I’ve read. I liked it when you explained that Curiosity didnot kill the cat… because that is what I believe in. Amazing

Kosmic Kitchen: I liked this, you made everything very convincing. I also like it because of the way you describe things. Most people wouldn’t even try to describe things like you did because somethings are too hard to describe or they just assume people will get it- but you describe it so well, it makes me enjoy the story more, great writing!

First, good story. I have seen few writers that handle the organized character jumps so well.

Shooting Script: I’ve had this on my reading list for awhile now and glad I got around to it this morning.
I won’t be a spoiler but this is a fantastic work. Wish I had thought of it. COOL. Dare anyone to guess the ending

Black Fiat Uno: I really enjoyed this story. Fascinating idea and really well told. The humour worked well too. The Fridge Magnet Advice Centre and the Fat Elvis restaurant made me smile.

Sign of the Times: One of the things I enjoy about the way you write is that I walk away feeling like I’ve learned something new. well done!

Thursday Night and Friday Morning: What you write is an amazing! Your work is brilliant and very well written. Your ideas are very creative and you’re very good at writing short stories:) I almost feel like I’m reading from a very famous writer.Your work is unique and different. 🙂 Well Done Chris 🙂 And A Big Like From Me 🙂 🙂

Selling Wales: Whenever I open your work I know that I won’t be disappointed and this one keeps that true.

2015 – An Odd Space Essay: This is an amazingly well-written, interestingly presented view of history set against the backdrop a life-long musical vocation. The music metaphors are many, varied and appear charmingly and explosively upon reflection (vis last paragraph could be associated with while Nero played his violin).
I recognized elements, and perhaps the influence of Forest Gump and The 100 year Old Man Who Jumped Through A Window and Disappeared but your presentation was unique in many respects.
I particularly liked the style of the piece – the mater-of-fact synopsis of a life which had spanned and witnessed the epoch of humanities greatest changes in art, technology and politics – and I was particularly impressed by the many philosophical touches which were subtly woven into the fabric of the story.
Very, very nice work!

Burning Bright: You have consistently sustained the genius of this story from start to finish. ^_^ The beginning, especially in its structure and directness, is very engaging and promising. As a reader, I feared that somewhere down the road, the uniqueness and thrill would go away (as in some of the best American TV shows), but I was wrong, fortunately. 🙂 I absolutely adore the way the narrative was presented. The storyteller’s voice sounds so completely confident and certain that it effortlessly demands and receives the reader’s undivided attention. Loved the last line especially. Truly amazing work, Chris

Black Hats: I love this. you have an ability to literally take a mind to a place and describe every bit of it. I love the conversations as well, the way they flow. Nice Job here!!!!

Strings:  Hi Chris! Wow, what a surreal ride! I really loved the evocative imagery, the phrasing and pacing, and the overall absurdity of the story. I usually don’t read pieces that are so surreal or abstract, but I found myself really enjoying this piece: I felt like I was along for the ride, trying to grasp and accept the eccentricities happening around your narrator (who took this whole episode really well, I might add haha). Fantastic job.

It Takes A Train To Cry: Loved the inner dialogue with your character rambling to himself. Made me laugh out loud. And the twist at the end is nicely done….mystery solved at least for the passenger.

Door Swings Both Ways: Ah, the limitless power and the inevitable danger of desire. Such an interesting premise, setting and set of characters. The imagery is so vivid. I visualized the shop so clearly. I even imagined the lady was Sofia Vergara the whole time. 😀 (I know she’s not Spanish.) This piece really took me on a journey. I felt like I was watching a short. ^_^ Very nice work!

Beware of the ……    Christ! This is one hell of a story. Please publish it. Make a series of it and publish it. Booksie is too small a forum to adequately appreciate your kind of work. The concept works on different levels of which I am sure you are aware of. The narrator after a point does become unreliable, which is a given in a story like this and I like the way you string it back together in the end. It’s very well written and fortunately avoids cliched endings! It doesn’t get heavy, neither does it fall short at any point. I like the references too. They clearly seem to work. And I guess I liked it so much because I am a literature student and we had been working on a poem by Eliot just today! What are the odds? Lastly, as a person wanting to write something meaningful myself, I suppose you (please try to ignore the cliched demeanour of the words I am about to say) have broadened my horizons! Given me hope almost! And now, I don’t want to get all emo on you so I will cut it out by reiterating the obvious fact. Sir, you are brilliant.

Artworld: I was reading this and I got to the second last paragraph and was like wait this Warhol guy turned up at the beginning but doesn’t seem to have any other part in the story, that doesn’t make much sense. And then I read the last paragraph and it all connected and it was so good. Thinking though, plot aside, I really enjoyed reading this. You have a really nice writing style which just makes it easy to read and I enjoy reading it quite a lot. This one I thought was exceptional.

A Short History of Colour: The ending of that gave me chills.

Quicksand: Beautiful ! Spanning an entire lifetime. Truly depicts how fragile life is and how important it is to live each day joyfully as you never know when it’s going to be your very last day. The last para made me sit up in shock ! Surely one of your more influential works if you ask me.

Sign of the Times: One of the things I enjoy about the way you write is that I walk away feeling like I’ve learned something new. well done!

I very much enjoyed the dark humor of “Slumpton,” and cringed at the accuracy of “Blue Heaven.” Keep up the good work.

Manila Folders : a man’s story:  Mesmerizing plot line
Very cool. Great concept and delivery.

You Never Know Who Your Friends Are: Wow, that was an interesting story indeed! I could clearly see the message behind it. Enjoyed reading it


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